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The Chicago Dia de los Niños (CDDLN) committee and the Chicago Public Schools have been leading the annual and city-wide Chicago Día de los Niños/Celebrating Young Americans Parade & Celebration in the Pilsen community since 2003.

There are over 2,500 children and their families, and volunteers who participate in the parade and its activities. The CDDLN has partnered with the Chicago Park District and over 30 community organizations, government entities such as Chicago Police Department, Chicago Public Library, IDCFS, and schools, museums, and businesses to provide a fun, memorable and safe parade and free activities at Harrison Park.

The mission of Chicago Día de los Niños – (Children's Day), is to celebrate children of all ages and elevate their value in our community. It aims to empower and advocate for children by providing educational and cultural activities that bring together families and their community.

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