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Dear Ambassador...

Dear Ambassador,

Excuse me, you are addressing me as an ambassador?

Yes, if you are interested in our blog, you are probably associated with children. You could be a parent, educator or advocate with the best interest in mind for children from birth to eighteen years of age.

The CDDLN Blog intends to lead the conversation regarding the education of young Latino children and also serve as a resource. We would love to assist you in your role as an ambassador, that is, to help children reach their potential through the love of learning.

One of my important responsibilities as a former administrator of the Chicago Public Schools was the creation if the Padres-A-Padres Literacy Program. Our team trained Latino parents, of preschool children, as their child’s First Teacher. The program was very successful. Twenty-five percent of the children were admitted to the regional gifted center at Orozco Community Academy. With the Padres experience and activities, along with the expertise and wealth of knowledge of the other members of CDDLN, we will provide you with ideas, thoughts and activities to serve children. The focus is on Latino children but it will benefit all children.

We also would like to hear from you. It would only enhance our blog even more and a platform for interesting conversations.

We welcome you and look forward to hearing from you.


Luz María Solís


Chicago Día de los Niños (Children’s Day)

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